Monday, June 3, 2013

Difficult decisions & Updates

We have closed our homestead on Air Romance and are now located solely on the Bitch Tail sim. (click HERE to teleport)  SJ Hunts will be closed until further notice, and will not be sponsoring the July hunt of Revenge of the Nerds.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

We're saddened to announce that we are in the process of potentially closing our mainstore/hunt HQ location for SuperJail Emporium & SJ Hunts due to difficulty maintaining our sales to continue to pay tier on our homestead at Air Romance. Summer is a rough time on SL merchants & creators, but we will do all we can to prevent the closure of our homestead.

We will continue to operate our location at the Bitch Tail sim, and until further notice, this will be our main store (SuperJail Emporium) and the HQ for SJ Hunts.  To our amazing renters at Air Romance, thank you for being a part of our sim & renting with us.  Our Bitch Tail location should be up to date within the next day or so with redelivery & mailboxes.

SJ Hunts will be taking a hiatus during the months of August & September, and will come back with a new hunt that will start in November (October will be the month of deadlines & walk throughs).  Stay tuned to this blog, and our official website for updates & hopefully a new sim in the future.

Our products will continue to be offered on the Marketplace as well. Visit to view our products online.

::Gears of Fashion:: will be moving with us and have their store upstairs of ours on the Bitch Tail sim.  The owner, Gretchen Gearhead, has assured me that she will continue to create new outfits & keep her marketplace updated as well.  (