Hunt Vendor Page

Welcome vendors!  Here you will find information and timelines for hunts organized by SuperJail.  Also you can leave comments and suggestions for us, including but not limited to hunt theme suggestions!

DISCLAIMER: Unless the hunt you are applying for has sponsor slots and your store has applied to be a sponsor (which guarantees your store will be in the top 10 slots), all stores will be randomized by and hunt order will be determined by their randomization software. ALSO... due to our short timelines, we will randomize all current applications to a hunt three (3) days prior to application deadline. Any store that applies after this date will be placed in our hunt in the order the application is received. This is to assist our organizers with staying within guidelines

Sponsors: We are now accepting sponsors to our hunts. For only 200L$, your store can be a featured sponsor. Sponsorship guarantees you into the top slots of the hunt rotation, emphasized featuring on our blog and hint pages, as well as free advertising at the SuperJail HQ. Sponsors also are given top advertising on our blog, our Facebook page, and also our website.

50 Shades of ...  Timeline: Click HERE

One Fine Day in the Emerald City Timeline: Click HERE

Lazy Boy Timeline: Click HERE

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