Monday, May 27, 2013


My thanks to everyone who is involved in the hunts organized by my company. You guys are the greatest and you're so understanding if, for the first time ever, I've fallen behind on my obligations. Thank you for your understanding.

I know I don't "have to" share what's going on, but in RL I have become the foster mother to my sweet little niece. She's had a hard life in her short 6 years on this rock that spins around the sun, and life has been changed quite dramatically for both her, and my own family unit. Luckily things are starting to settle down, but it's been a very hectic last 8 days! Love this little girl to bits, and I love my SL family too, but I'm so grateful that my SL family is so compassionate & understanding about RL coming first. You guys rock!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Group Gift Pre-Release!

I hope you're all enjoying spring, now that it's finally here!  Our May group and subscriber gifts are out now in our main store.  These gifts are our pre-release of coming goodies.  We hope you enjoy them!!

** We have had to implement a 100L$ join fee for our inworld group due to some not-so-nice folks who join the group just to get a free gift, then leave the group. We want to maintain our gifties for our LOYAL members that have stuck by us through thick & thin.  Thank you for being a part of SuperJail!

 May subscriber gift! (75L$ value)
Clematis Trellis in Antique 
Spring Wooden Slat Bucket with Posies
(must be a subscriber for minimum of 5 days prior to receive gift)

May inworld Group Gift (150L$ value)
Tiny Pond - Celtic Rock
Animated water, bushes, flowers, mushrooms
ground cover & fluttering butterflies
(must be an inworld group member of SuperJail to receive this gift)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We've made some changes!

In case you haven't noticed, we've made some changes to the page!  We have moved our sponsors logos to the left side of the blog, and our favorite blogs, etc to the right.  Hopefully this will make navigation a tad bit simpler.

Also, our hunt sponsors have a page all to themselves.  On the sponsor page, you will find links to their websites, blogs, flickr pages, Facebook, Marketplace, and SLurls.  Please take a moment and check them out.  SJ Hunts wouldn't be the same without our sponsors!

Happy Hunting!
SJ Hunts Staff