Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where can you find SJ?

That seems to be the popular question we get a lot of. Luckily we are located in quite a few locations!  We are always appreciative of requests for SuperJail to open a pilot store.  Here is a quick listing of all the great sims we are located on (and until November 1st, quite a few of them have Grand Opening sales going on *grin*)

SJ @ Bitch Tail - Click here to teleport: Once you have landed, turn to the left and head towards Bitch Tail Mesh. You will come to crossroads of sorts, turn left again and head down the pathway until you reach SuperJail's pilot store!  While you're here, be sure to check out all the great fashions at Bitch Tail and the numerous other stores in this sim!

SJ @ Moonlight Pointe - Click here to teleport.  Once you have landed, be sure to walk thru Moonlight Pointe's main mall and go downstairs. Turn to the right and we are the 2nd store on the path.

SJ @ Aspen Springs - Click here to teleport.  You will arrive directly in SJ's pilot store. Be sure to check out the other great stores on the sim.  This is a beautiful sim directed at RP for families.. so much fun to be here, you never know when a baby is being born, you might see the firetrucks racing to put out a fire, and the police chief is probably one of the nicest I've ever know. You can also rent a home on this sim, if you're so inclined.

SJ @ Somersley Shore - Click here to teleport.  You will arrive in the entrace of SJ's pilot store.  This sim is part of yet another awesome RP set of sims.  We are located in the business section, but you can also stroll around the other parts and check out all the great homes and businesses.

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