Sunday, December 9, 2012


SuperJail inworld group was recently hacked and the avatar named saraluna52 sent out a bogus marketplace link in group chat.  Several of our members' accounts were hacked and linden dollars were stolen and also inventory was stolen from their accounts.  One of our owners even reported that they tried to cancel her account!  PLEASE, do NOT click links in group chats, or in any chat without first looking at it very closely to verify that it really does go to [[[]]] (brackets added to show that I am not sending bogus links, go to yourself and verify the marketplace link before ever clicking anything inworld.

Our deepest and sincerest apologies go out to our loyal members who have been hacked by this horrible person.  We wish we could refund monies lost and inventory stolen, but sadly this falls to the responsibility of Linden Labs.  We encourage you to report this person or any other that attempts this scam.  Veronica and Matthias have not been inworld for the last two days, and it appears this problem occurred yesterday, December 8. 

Our group is now pay to join, but with proper request sent to Veronica, we will refund your joiner fee after a careful investigation to verify that your avatar is not a part of this horrible scheme.

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