Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Year, New Fun!

There's so much going on at SuperJail to kick the new year off right.  We've started by redesigning our store, and have included a greenhouse for those looking for outdoor goodies.  Feel free to swing by our Fennux area and duel one of our own, it's always fun!

Feel like fishing? Sit a spell on the dock and see what you can catch, you might even snag yourself an SJ exclusive fish.  Don't forget to see if you can find our hidden cove, where you can sit by the campfire and relax a while.  When you're all done exploring, head on over to our shop and see how good you are at finding hidden objects, there's always a hunt going.

SJ Hunts is now headquartered in our main store as well.  Join the group, click the subscriber, and watch this blog for updates and info on all our hunts.  Don't forget to see what fares our renters are offering on the courtyard, lucky chairs and Midnight Mania to make every visitor happy!

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