Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Don't be alarmed!

In preparation for tomorrow's big new hunt, the One Fine Day in the Emerald City, we're temporarily closing the OFD Hunter Info page.  It will be back up at midnight SLT tonight, just in time for all you ready and raring hunters to do your thing!

We are currently working on getting the SLurls live, so you can teleport directly to the stores from the site.  We hope you enjoy this hunt, we sure had a blast working alongside all those amazing creators to bring it to you.  REMEMBER!!!  The hunt prizes do cost 10L$.  SJ Hunts organizes both free and not so free hunts. The prizes in this hunt are worth far more than 10L$, don't believe me? Check out the hunter info page when it comes back up :)

Happy hunting!
SJ Hunts Staff

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