Sunday, April 14, 2013

Enjoying Spring

Spring has finally come to the midwest! Yay! Of course this makes it even more challenging to stay on top of building for hunts and outlets lol.  Speaking of which, did you know SuperJail is once again at Forbidden Closet?  This month's theme is Ripped & Torn.

I really didn't know how to make furniture or houses ripped or torn, so I decided to make a skateboard shop and accessories, because what boarder doesn't rip and tear up the park? *grin*  I hope you all enjoy the latest build!!  We're gearing up right now for the next SJ Hunts hunt, One Fine Day in the Emerald City, and will have that posting up soon.

Make sure you check out our sponsors for our hunts as well, they're some of the most amazing and awesome creators on the grid :)

*Forbidden Closet has been temporarily closed. At this time you can purchase these items only at the SuperJail Emporium main store location; located in the Air Romance sim.

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