Monday, May 27, 2013


My thanks to everyone who is involved in the hunts organized by my company. You guys are the greatest and you're so understanding if, for the first time ever, I've fallen behind on my obligations. Thank you for your understanding.

I know I don't "have to" share what's going on, but in RL I have become the foster mother to my sweet little niece. She's had a hard life in her short 6 years on this rock that spins around the sun, and life has been changed quite dramatically for both her, and my own family unit. Luckily things are starting to settle down, but it's been a very hectic last 8 days! Love this little girl to bits, and I love my SL family too, but I'm so grateful that my SL family is so compassionate & understanding about RL coming first. You guys rock!

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