Thursday, May 9, 2013

Group Gift Pre-Release!

I hope you're all enjoying spring, now that it's finally here!  Our May group and subscriber gifts are out now in our main store.  These gifts are our pre-release of coming goodies.  We hope you enjoy them!!

** We have had to implement a 100L$ join fee for our inworld group due to some not-so-nice folks who join the group just to get a free gift, then leave the group. We want to maintain our gifties for our LOYAL members that have stuck by us through thick & thin.  Thank you for being a part of SuperJail!

 May subscriber gift! (75L$ value)
Clematis Trellis in Antique 
Spring Wooden Slat Bucket with Posies
(must be a subscriber for minimum of 5 days prior to receive gift)

May inworld Group Gift (150L$ value)
Tiny Pond - Celtic Rock
Animated water, bushes, flowers, mushrooms
ground cover & fluttering butterflies
(must be an inworld group member of SuperJail to receive this gift)

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